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Telling Hubby…

It’s always been my dream to become a Mum- coming from a large family, having countless of nieces and nephews and having a strong bond with my late Mother who oozed love, comfort and warmth, she had so much maternal instincts and characteristics that she instilled within my sisters and I-sometimes without even knowingly doing it! I knew from an early age that I wanted my own brood that I could selfishly call mine.

Finding out I was pregnant was something I always knew I would do alone and dream up a personal way to tell my husband. The story goes like this; I was a bridesmaid for one of my best girlfriends and being Nigerian you generally have 2 main occasions (sometimes 3!) a traditional engagement and the white wedding, which all happened within a fortnight- alongside dress fittings, work and life in general and that’s totally normal! The functions were highly energetic and fun, and I remember a few days after I couldn’t shake the feeling of tiredness- to the point I was saying I have ‘extreme fatigue’ to anyone that would listen! Then I realised through all the excitement of my friends wedding I hadn’t noticed I had missed my period. I initially thought ‘nah- it’s only because I’ve been super busy’ But I thought let me take a test to rule it out, I didn’t mention anything to anybody. I was so relaxed about it I leisurely bought a test the next day and took it that evening at home- before I could even wait the 2minutes for the test to analyse it showed positive!

I was a little surprised as my husband and I had the ‘whatever happens, happens’ approach as we’d been married for less than 6 months at that point. I had the biggest smile and I thanked God for my blessing! I then went straight onto Pinterest and Google and typed “how to tell you’re partner you’re pregnant”. Loads of different simple and elaborate ways came up and I knew I wanted to give him something to look at or feel and it had to be simple and obvious- nothing drawn out! I saw a onesie which said “Player 3 has entered the game” and I thought yes! my husband isn’t much of a gamer so I came up with the idea for it to be an item of baby clothing with a personal touch for him. We had a wedding to attend (yes another one- just guests this time!) the next day so I had to just keep it to myself which was sooo hard. So Day Two had to be D-day I couldn’t hack it anymore! I went to my local Tesco bought a little baby vest and initially I was just going to write on the vest but in the arts and crafts aisle for kids I saw letters that you can stick on the material- I couldn’t even believe it, I also bought a card to write a small message in. So I went home and got to work! That evening, when my husband got home I told him I left something on the bed for him, I hid the baby vest under our pillows and he just read the card which gave him a mild hint (which he never got!) …he just thought I was being sweet, I then handed him this baby vest…

the rest, as they say is history x

If you want to create something like this or just fancy using easy foam letters, check out this set Assorted Foam Alphabet




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